See Beyond the Challenge

Father, Husband, Executive, Keynote Speaker, Advocate

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rayhan azmat keynote speaker image
rayhan azmat keynote speaker image

Lessons Through Stories

Delivering talks on insights gained from challenges and triumphs

The Resilience Line

A mental model developed to promote seeing beyond the challenge and understanding the relationship between challenge and resilience.

Navigating The Workplace with Disability

From hiding a disability in the workplace to disclosure and support. Stories of hurdles, fear, understanding realities and opportunities. How to establish trust and have open conversations.

Learning From Uncertainty

Being diagnosed with a progressive muscle condition will force one to live with uncertainty at every turn. These are stories of acceptance, confidence, and growth when it comes to relationships, children, career and health.

The Relentless Pursuit of Not Caring (it's not what you think)

Understanding what matters and what doesn't - the importance of what we choose to value in our lives.

About Rayhan

Rayhan's story is one of resilience and perseverance in the face of adversity

Despite being diagnosed with a rare degenerative muscle condition in his 20s – one that impacts only two people per million worldwide – Rayhan has built a name for himself professionally and is currently a Vice President at a publicly traded movie company. What started with a limp has now left him fully confined to a wheelchair in his early forties. Amid enormous physical challenges, he has thrived in all aspects of his life.

Rayhan began his 20-year professional life at PwC — the world’s largest global professional services firm — where he supported clients like Sony and IMAX as a Chartered Accountant.  He later channeled his life-long love of cinema to pursue a deeper career in the Media and Entertainment industry. He is currently Vice President, Financial Planning & Analysis at Cineplex Entertainment.

He has traveled the world with his wife and two children, pursued his passion for film and has attended some of Toronto’s most memorable sporting events. Rayhan is also dedicated disability advocate for disability rights and inclusion.

Rayhan currently serves on the Board of Directors for DEEN Support Services – a Canadian charity that works to ensure the social and cultural needs of those living with physical or intellectual disabilities are met through inclusive support services.
Rayhan also serves on the Board for the Disability Screen Office - a national, not-for-profit organization that works with the Canadian screen industry to amplify voices of people with disabilities across the Canadian media landscape.

The eldest of three siblings and the son of immigrant parents, Rayhan's journey began in the cold Canadian winters of Winnipeg where he and his brothers were among the only people of colour in their middle-class community. Rather than focusing on what made him not fit in, Rayhan learned to celebrate being different and gained a unique perspective that prepared him to navigate the world with confidence.

Through candidly sharing his experiences of overcoming physical, emotional, and social obstacles, Rayhan has inspired many. His story is a testament to the power of perseverance and finding joy among the uncertainty of life's experiences.
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Rayhan is, by far, one of the most captivating and engaging souls I have ever had the privilege of knowing and working with.

He defines how you see him and interact with him, the wheelchair fades from view.  His greatest gift is his ability to separate who he is as a person from how he physically navigates through life’s many obstacles. He is brilliant, confident and kind and there is a light that radiates outward from him and pulls those around him in. He speaks from the heart and the heart is massive. I continue to learn from him. He speaks with passion and ease and lifts all who hear him up!

Vanessa Benfield portrait
Vanessa Benfield
Senior Vice President, Media Leader and Strategy Executive

Charismatic and a natural storyteller, Rayhan is an inspiring leader and mentor to all youth and people with disabilities!

Stephanie Kwan portrait
Stephanie Kwan
Senior Policy Advisor + Senior Consultant, Policy Innovation Hub

I had the pleasure of witnessing Rayhan speak at a recent event. Absolutely the best keynote I have ever heard. Not only did he hit it out of the park, he hit out of the galaxy.

Assad portrait
Assad Mallick
Vice President and Head of Global Total Rewards and HR Operations

Rayhan is an engaging and motivating speaker. His positive message is universal and speaks to each one of us.

Thomas Santram
Senior Vice President & General Counsel

Media and insights

Helping discover new perspectives

See Beyond the Challenge

Rayhan's story bears witness to the resilience that can be found through persistence and the ability to discover happiness amidst life's uncertainties.

Lessons Through Stories

Rayhan's keynotes communicate powerful learnings through personal and memorable experiences – leaving the audience with practical, accessible takeaways.

Why work with Rayhan?

Rayhan is a not only a public company executive with a lived experience of disability, he is also a powerful storyteller who understands that audiences need to be emotionally engaged and inspired to shift perspectives.

An Experience and a Journey

The learning doesn’t stop when Rayhan steps off stage. Additional content and resources can be leveraged to reinforce learning long after the event concludes.